About Us

Spinofix is an Orange County, California based, medical device company that specializes in creating innovative, and alternative, customizable technologies for patients requiring spinal fusion. The company aims to develop a functional product-line for the growing population facing chronic back pain, while cutting costs and maximizing long-term product effectiveness.

Technological Breakthrough in Spine Treatment

“Spinal Implants”, or “Spinal Instruments” are special equipment implanted through surgery that are designed to assist in the correction of spinal problems. Within the last 10 years, there have been many advances in this field, including the introduction of new surgical techniques, new biologic materials, and many others. At Spinofix, we thrive on achieving the best possible results through innovative and customizable product design; we offer a range of less disruptive, alteranative products that will modernize the spinal fusion industry. Spinofix.com provides several references and links to help you navigate the complex field of spinal fusion, that will surely prove to be an invaluable reference while you learn about spine surgery.

Latest Updates

Our Products

Innova Pedicle Screw System

  • The new pedicle screw system uses a unique, interlocking, multifunctional, inner cylinder system to maximize hold while maintaining functionality.
  • Not approved by U.S. FDA -

Cross Connector

  • Our premier Spinofix cross connector will be unveiled soon! Check back shortly!

  • Not approved by U.S. FDA -

Atlas Intra Body Spacer

  • The new Atlas intra disc spacer maximizes the space for bone graft material, promoting optimal fusion.

  • Not approved by U.S. FDA -

Cobra Adjustable Rod System

  • Our unique Cobra adjustable rod system allows for superior customizability while maintaining spinal stability.
  • Not approved by U.S. FDA -